meet the team

Afrah has shoulder-length hair and is wearing a polka-dotted white top. She’s smiling into the camera.

Afrah Umapathy

Social Media Specialist

Obsessed with design, copy, and pop culture

Bishakha is wearing a pink t-shirt and glasses in her short hair. She is sitting in front of a glass and smiling into the camera.

Bishakha Datta

Programme Lead

Eternal loves: travel, books, films

Karmil is wearing a white kurta and smiling into the camera. Her hair is in a ponytail and drops just below her left shoulder.

Karmila Khess

Tech Sakhi Responder

Loves music and cooking

Prarthana is wearing spectacles with black frames and a gray scarf. She’s smiling slightly with a scenic mountain view behind her.

Prarthana Mitra


Great at wordplay, expert sous-chef, misses tumblr

Rachana Aryan

Associate Director – Finance

Dog lover, Avid reader, believer in humanity

Sameera has short curly hair and is wearing green earrings, a brown necklace and a brown collared shirt. She is looking to her left with a slight smile.

Sameera Iyengar


Obsessed with theatre, art, and bulldogs

Adya has long hair and is wearing a navy blue saree.

Adya Singh


Aspiring social impact consultant

Chhaya is wearing spectacles and smiling into the camera. She has long hair.

Chhaya Rajput

Helpline Facilitator

Feminist, Social Work

Maduli is wearing a dark orange top and smiling into the camera. They have a mole above their upper lip and shoulder-length hair.

Maduli Thaosen

Knowledge Curator /Communications Specialist

Photographer, tea drinker, foodie, dog lover

Rita is wearing a saree with a sleeveless orange blouse, golden earrings and a red bindi. She has short hair and is smiling into the camera.

Rita Nag Chowdhury

Operations Lead

Painter, inveterate traveller, animal lover

Sanika is wearing a multicolored top and a black bindi as she smiles into the camera.

Sanika Shailesh Khamkar


Loves singing and nature

Unnati is wearing a saree, earring and a necklace with her hair tied back. She is smiling into the camera.

Unnati Joshi

Partnership Lead, TechSakhi

Humane, Curious, Resilient, Bibliophile

Brindaalakshmi is wearing spectacles, a yellow top and colorful earrings. They’re sitting in front of a tea cup and smiling into the camera.

Brindaalakshmi K

Co-lead, Queer & Digital

Intersectional queer feminist, traveller, writer, storyteller

Debarati is wearing a black t-shirt and looking into the camera with a slight smile. They are wearing spectacles with dark brown frames.

Debarati Das

Co-lead, Digital Security

Queer feminist, animal rights activist, drummer

Megha is wearing a nose ring and hoop earrings. She has curly, shoulder length hair and is smiling into the camera.


Marketing Lead, TechSakhi

Anticaste, chef, reader

Sunil is wearing a brown collared shirt and looking into the camera.

Sunil Tandale


Shohini has short hair, is wearing a checkered top and silver earrings. She is standing against a lush green background and smiling into the camera.

Shohini B

TechSakhi Advisor Researcher

Feminist, Creative, Traveller

Vaishali is wearing a yellow patterned top, a necklace, earrings and spectacles with black frames. She is wearing red lipstick and smiling into the camera.

Vaishali Soni


Loves tea and taking pictures of colourful things

Yashoroop is standing in front of a podium mic in a brown kurta and looking to his right.he has a beard and shoulder length hair.

Yashoroop Dey

Knowledge Management Lead, TechSakhi

Academic, Researcher, Debate

Bharti has a streak in her hair and a studded nose pin. She is smiling into the camera.


Project Lead, TechSakhi

Social entrepreneur, mostly vegan, desiring more stillness

Junita is wearing a white t-shirt and looking into the camera with a smile. She has short hair and is wearing spectacles with thin, black frames.

Junita Minz

Tech Sakhi Responder

Artist, Athlete, social work, feminist, LGBTQ

Mamta is wearing a blue top, a white scarf, a studded nose pin and spectacles. She is smiling into the camera with her hair falling below her shoulder.

Mamta Matani

Finance Director

Loves music and cooking

Shelly has short shoulder length hair. She is slightly smiling into the camera.

Shelly Jain

Tech Sakhi Responder

Lawyer, Feminist

Swarali is wearing a pink kurta with a patterned scarf and a long silver necklace. She is smiling into the camera with her hair falling below her left shoulder.

Swarali Marathe


Dog lover, voiceover artist, theatre enthusiast

Zahra is wearing a black top, spectacles and a necklace. She has long wavy hair and is smiling into the camera.

Zahra Gabuji


Loves picture books, art, and writing

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