Our programmes contribute to creating a gender-equal world, online and on ground. We work at the intersection of gender, sexuality, and technology to enable women and gender and sexual minorities to build their capacity, knowledge, networks, and voice.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve achieved over the last five years.


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Sexuality, and Disability

This pioneering programme looks at disability through the lens of gender and sexuality. We start with the premise that women and queer people with disabilities are sexual beings, just like anyone else.

Our programme encompasses workshops, curricula, film screenings, publications, information resources, and social media campaigns that identify and bust myths surrounding disability, sexuality, desire, love, and relationships. A dedicated website offers answers to common questions from people with disabilities.

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Pyaar Plus

Pyaar Plus is a digital toolkit about pyaar (love) and all that’s associated with it – from attraction to abuse – for young women and people of marginalised genders with disabilities. And for their parents, counsellors, special educators, and the ecosystem. The toolkit, a collection of seven booklets, aims to create a safe space for disabled individuals to access information about sexuality, gender, pleasure, desire, and other aspects of their bodies and relationships.

Image credit: Upasana Agarwal

Skin Stories

India’s first and only publication dedicated to publishing fresh, urgent perspectives on disability, sexuality, and gender, Skin Stories busts myths about and promotes important conversations around disability. This award-winning online publication has been featured in workshops, conferences, festivals, and talks, republished widely in mainstream and alternative media, and used as resources by university classrooms and non-profits, including Amnesty UK.

Skin Stories, the book, is an anthology of 46 essays divided into 12 themes, featuring the work of 35 writers and 3 artists. Email [email protected] to grab your copy.

I helped my employer’s children to attend online classes during COVID. I receive a lot of appreciation from my employer, my family, and my community members for being digitally independent, which motivates me and boosts my confidence.

A participant in an Internet in My Hands workshop

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