Pyaar Plus is a digital toolkit about pyaar and all the pluses – from attraction to abuse – for young women and people of other marginalised genders with disabilities. And for their parents, counsellors, special educators and ecosystem. The toolkit is a collection of 7 booklets (our last one is underway!) and they aim to create a safe space for disabled individuals to gain access to information about sexuality, gender, pleasure, desire and other aspects of their bodies and relationships that they may not find anywhere else. The toolkit is an accessible multimedia resource that is available in PDF and Word formats. They are designed for self exploration (like your own personal journals) You can access all the published booklets here:

With each booklet, we’ve been able to build space for first person stories of people with disabilities to talk about themes of identities, bodies, mental health, friendship, love, romantic love, relationships, desire and pleasure. This is because we believe that people with disabilities are the experts of their own lives. We’ve worked on building a community of role models, subject matter experts whose experiences and sharing can help young people with disabilities.