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20 December, 2010
The Viewfinder

The Viewfinder Explains Paigambari, “The bride and groom are radiant and happy, but the radiance doesn’t always last. In my second photograph, I show a woman meticulously collecting her glass bangles because this is how she also tries to keep together her home and family. But she doesn’t always succeed. Sometimes the glass bangles scatter far and wide and they also break, symbolising a broken home.”


25 November, 2010
Imprisoned in the Courtyard

Imprisoned in the Courtyard Organised by Open Space in collaboration with Point of View, The Inner Courtyard is an exhibition of photos and videos by women


15 November, 2010
In Her Space

In Her Space An exhibition of photographs and video blogs throws light on how women view the spaces they occupy


11 November, 2010
Her space, her angle

Her space, her angle Indian rural women are often left within the shadows of the courtyard, denied access to the spaces that surround them (Sakaal Times)


10 February, 2010
Behind the Burkha

Behind the Burkha 'The camera became my voice and the photographs my words...This is a space where I can be myself instead of constantly trying to be the woman society or my family want me to be' (Times of South Mumbai)


08 February, 2010
They stepped out to lend a helping hand

They stepped out to lend a helping hand 16 Muslim women from Kurla have stepped out of their broken homes and marriages to tell new stories to the world (Times of India)




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