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07 July, 2012
Kama Sutra and Wheelchair

Kama Sutra and Wheelchair This ability to say it all without offending anyone has been brilliantly captured with graphics of wheelchair sex that feature on the website. "The message going out is that being in a wheelchair, not being able to see or hear should not be a deterrent to having a sexual life or having a relationship. The graphics have been reproduced with permission from a website - www. streatsie. com - which bills itself as a site where all cool wheelchair people hang out, " says Datta.


08 June, 2012
Willing and Able

Willing and Able Sexuality and Disability is a collaboration between Point of View, a Mumbai-based non-profit organisation that works with representations of women in art, culture and the media, and Crea, a feminist human rights organization based in Delhi. “As you can see, the domain name was readily available,” says Bishakha Datta of Point of View wryly.


30 April, 2012
Our body, ourselves

Our body, ourselves A new website brings together information, personal narratives, and resources within the multifaceted arena of disability, sexuality and violence.


22 April, 2012
Sexuality and Disability: 'I'm a disabled women, therefore I'm not a prospect'

Sexuality and Disability: 'I'm a disabled women, therefore I'm not a prospect' www.sexualityanddisability.org creates a forum for discussion and information on the sexualities of women with disabilities - a subject ridden with taboo, misconceptions, or one that finds no place in mainstream disability discourse.




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