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16 February, 2011

Love, Sex and Education - Speak Up

Love, Sex and Education - Speak Up Mention Pyaar plus, and you would think it’s the next Bollywood release in the romcom genre. But this isn’t a forthcoming cliché movie. Launched on January 17, it’s a website that attempts to address queries on love, relationships, sex and more.

This virtual relationship guide is a project of Point of View, a non-profit organisationfounded by Bishakha Datta.The organisationworks to promote women’s views through creative use of media, arts and culture.

Project coordinator, Richa Kaul Padte, 23, says of the initiative, “We keep talking about domestic violence and violence against women. This time we thought let’s focus on the youth. Why not talk to young men and women and start at the grassroot level.”

Padte further explains, “We started thinking what was on the other side of this coin — relationships that are healthy. And we figured that the best way to get people to better understand what ‘a healthy relationship’ means is by facilitating some honest and frank discussions.”

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