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15 November, 2010

In Her Space

In Her Space With every step taken forward by women’s empowerment groups to make the lives of countless women better, ignorance and lack of popular support pushes them back.

Awaz-e-Niswan (Voice of Women), Point of View, WAVE, Photography Promotion Trust and Pune’s own Open Space have put together a most fascinating endeavour that tells the story of the ordinary superwomen without shouting it into your ears.

“People would come to Awaz-e-Niswan with the usual demands to learn beautician’s courses and the likes. What we thought was that it was time to give them something that would make them think and do something out of the box.

So we gathered together a group of about 16 women and we planned a series of photography workshops with photographer Sudharak Olwe,” says Yasmin, who is one of the 16 woman photographers.

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Zist Tarashi: Sculpting Lives

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