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Authorship. Cityscape. Copyright. Conflict. Ethnography. Law. LGBTQ. Literature. Moving People. PAD.MA is an online archive of video material, primary footage, and unfinished films, and acts as a way of opening up a set of images, intentions and effects present in video footage - resources that conventions of video- making, editing and spectatorship have tended to suppress, or leave behind. The project was initiated by CAMP, Majlis, oil21 (Berlin), Point of View, and The Alternative Law Forum.



'My body looks and functions differently –can anyone ever be attracted to me?’ ‘Should I hide my disability and get married?’ ‘Does having a mental disability make me an easy target for abuse?’ Starting from the premise that women with disabilities are sexual beings – just like any other women, www.sexualityanddisability.org addresses issues of body, sex, relationships, reproduction and violence in the life of a disabled woman. The first of its kind on the internet, www.sexualityanddisability.org is completely accessible to people across disabilities, and contains numerous personal stories, an extensive resource list, a space to have your say, and streamlined information for those who interact closely with disabled women. The website is a collaborative initiative between CREA and Point of View.


Pyaar Plus

Shrouded in morality or mythology, love, sex and relationships are presented by most Indian cyber sources as taboo or idealistic. Pyaar Plus is an interactive website that offers young people a space for information discussion on a range of issues that are directly relevant to them – abortion; sexual fantasies; open relationships; LBGTQ; pornography; gender; masturbation. With links to engaging articles,  videos, songs and cartoons, Pyaar Plus empowers young adults to forge open-minded and mutually respectful relationships through a dynamic and accessible forum.



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