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Women Can't Wait

Praveen from India, Tomoko from Japan, Hala from Jordan, Alma from Uruguay, Bonita from the United States, Shira from Israel and Anna from Kenya. Drawing life, soul, hurt and anguish from the paper and ink of laws that discriminate against women worldwide, Sarah JonesWomen Can’t Wait is a one-woman theatrical performance representing 8 women from across the globe whose daily lives are affected by these laws. Using only one prop – a diaphanous shawl – Sarah steps into the lives to voice the narratives of these women. Women Can’t Wait was brought to Indian audiences by Point of View and CREA.

Waking The American Dream

‘I want people to know that the U.S. is in a crisis of conscience and that many generations will suffer…Americans are humans like everyone else. They empathise with people's suffering. But you should see the things that are being put out by the media’ (Sarah Jones). Waking The American Dream is a one-woman performance that powerfully explores the complexities of identity and freedom in the lives of immigrants in the United States. Sarah Jones voices the unheard stories of those who are often not granted acceptance or representation within the exclusionary paradigms of the great American Dream. Waking The American Dream was brought to India in collaboration with CREA and Tarshi.

My Mother The Gharwali Her Maalak His Wife

Leena is a woman in sex work. Leena is also a woman in love with her rickshaw-driver prince, who is suddenly talking about riding off into the sunset alone. Unless, of course, Leena helps him buy a spanking new rickshaw. She waits for her lover, and she waits on her customer. Outside in the lane, the arrival of a goonda (thug) causes a flutter. The cop who chases him away, is also chasing a boy. My Mother, The Gharwali looks at 24 hours in the lives of the people who live in or pass through the galli (street) in which Leena lives. Hear them speak their own stories, talk their own tales and re-imagine their own realities. Staged in collaboration with SANGRAM and VAMP, My Mother, The Gharwali is the result of a 4 day theatre workshop conducted with 75 women in prostitution



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