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Of Veshyas, Vamps, Whores and Women

‘People should believe that they can change things. It is not about a few activists fighting for other people’s rights’ (Meena Seshu, general secretary of SANGRAM). Documenting the work of SANGRAM and VAMP, Of Vamps, Veshyas, Whores and Women challenges preconceived notions of both sex workers and HIV – by foregrounding the voices of the women themselves. The collective narratives of their struggles and strengths come together in a powerful testimony of their fight for the rights and dignities that other women enjoy.

Are We Not Women?

Legalisation vs. abolition; coercion vs. consent; exploitation vs. empowerment - the debate around sex work in India has become increasingly polarised over the past decade. Are We Not Women? comprises a collection of dialogues between women in prostitution, feminist activists, and sex workers’ rights groups. Raising questions at every step -  If we have a right to the body, do we also have a right to sell our body? Who controls the womb? What does choice mean under forced circumstances? – Are We Not Women?, published together with SANGRAM, explores the shades, nuances, and lived realities of women in sex work.

The Struggle To Be Human

Even today women in sex work, in India at least, are seen as less than human. Not in the species sense, but in the more ordinary day to day sense of what it means to be human, to lead human lives. The Struggle To Be Human is a training manual produced in collaboration with SANGRAM that explores sex work through the lens of gender, sexuality and rights. Shaped and informed by the lived realities of sex workers, The Struggle To Be Human weaves together stories, games, films, and activities, to form a holistic and engaging advocacy tool.

Beyond The Symptoms

She might come in with a burn. A bruise. A fracture. Complaints about fatigue, headaches and dizziness. And since the first port of call for most battered women is a local hospital, if her ailments are treated and she is sent home, she may be back all too soon. Beyond The Symptoms, a quarterly newsletter produced in collaboration with CEHAT, calls on doctors and nurses in government hospitals in Mumbai to recognise domestic violence as a healthcare issue; to look beyond the physical symptoms and address what is often their cause – mental, physical, or emotional abuse.



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