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The Beauty Challenge

More often than not, advertisements today present a singular version of beauty, which neither represents nor is achievable for the majority of women. The Beauty Challenge  is a creative educational curriculum that engages young adults in a critical examination of beauty images of women. As contestants thrash out contentious issues with each other – Are beauty contests empowering? Does dressing sexy invite trouble? Would you gain 20 kilos for 20 lakhs? - The Beauty Challenge allows for both learning and participation through informal educational events.

Gol Maal

Who decides that little girls play with dolls and boys with cars? Fair is Beautiful – do you agree? True or False – are men more dissatisfied with their bodies than women? Gol Maal is an award-winning and engaging board game developed as an advocacy tool to explore issues of gender and sexuality in the time of HIV. With colourful quiz cards, bright roulette-style chips and a Bollywoodised feel to its layout, Gol Maal focuses on deconstructing masculinity and femininity, body image, HIV/AIDS, gender-based violence, and laws related to women's rights.



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