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Changing From Within

37.2% of ever married women face domestic violence; more than half of these women think that a husband hitting his wife under certain circumstances can be justified. And behind these numbers are real women. Real women who are fighting back. As the camera shifts from one woman’s face to the next, the viewer takes in  the stories in her eyes, the light in her expression, and the embedded lines in her skin that speak of the path she has travelled. Documenting the work of SNEHA, Changing from Within follows the diverse faces, struggles and lives behind what one woman aptly describes as ‘a small organisation that does big work.’

Out Of The Closet

Set against the backdrop of Indian mainstream society, from Bollywood scripts to cultural stigmas, Out of the Closet documents diverse voices of LGBTQ individuals from across the country. Bringing together unmediated narratives in various languages, Out of the Closet explores what it means to live inside and come out of the closet into a largely hostile and homophobic society. From fear to resilience to enjoyment, the individual voices express what, in so many multifarious ways, it means to have travelled their journeys. 

In The Flesh

Uma sits surrounded by stunning photographs from her youth, depicting her dancer’s gracefulness and theatrical stage presence. Bhaskar leans over towards his mirror in a slender red dress, applying mascara with exacting precision and skill to his long eyelashes. Shabana gestures towards the pictures on the walls of her ‘business’ room – from goddesses to calendars to Aishwarya Rai (who looks ‘just like her daughter’), the walls are brightly covered. In The Flesh is an intimate insider’s account of three lives in prostitution, and through precious glimpses and captured moments, aims to change public perception of women in sex work – from prostitutes to women.


Zinda Laash - Bollywood’s norms for Dhandewalis

Dhandewalis must smoke; paan is a must; a dhandewali can never escape her identity; dhandewalis must dress ‘differently’… Spanning over 6 decades of Bollywood cinema, Zinda Laash highlights how very little has changed across the ages when it comes to the industry’s representation of women in prostitution. Humorously drawing attention to stereotypes, while poignantly highlighting myths, Zinda Laash is a tribute to every sex worker who is not recognised as a woman or a human being.

At The Crossroads

A hospital bed: a scene of tightly shut eyes and intermittent flashbacks. A modest home: a place of threats and torture. A small counselling room: a possibility of change, a chance at hope. At The Crossroads is an intimate exploration of the life of one woman whose encounter with a perceptive nurse allows her to reconstruct a life free from violence and abuse. Firmly placing domestic violence as a public health issue, At The Crossroads is used as an educational and advocacy tool for hospital staff and women’s groups alike.



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