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Made By Women

Throughout the history and discourse of cinema, women film makers have been granted very little space in what has been (and still continues to be) a traditionally male dominated arena.  Made By Women presents films from countries around the world, and the filmmakers range from experimenting artists to accomplished students. The women focus their lens on many different realities: life in a barber shop, father-son relationships, the world of underground musicians, love between two women, art history and the unconscious. More than being ‘women filmmakers’ (whatever that term may mean), they are filmmakers: exploring their own, unique visions and voices through the medium of cinema.


World Social Forum

Prima Donna, a Malaysian transgender dance troupe, oozing panache and style; Habib Tanvir’s Ponga Pandit, dismantling the caste system, untouchability, superstition and priest craft; Sabitri Hesinam, drawing her audiences into a world of awesome and fiery language. Established by the cultural committee of the The World Social Forumthe Brecht Stage brings together groups and individuals as diverse as these in an attempt to position culture itself as a political  intervention – through subversive drama and uncompromisingly free art, these expressions of culture refuse to be defined as the foot soldiers of politics.



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