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The Right To Choice

All over India, women face ostracism and violence because of who they choose to love. There is a mutually beneficial relationship between patriarchy and heteronormativity, which punished those who refuse to live within its paradigms. Lesbian women. Trans women. Women who love before, outside, or after marriage. But choosing one’s partner is a human right, and AALI's publication The Right To Choice in Relationships comprises a series of case studies and a step by step guide to tackling the issue.

Our Positive Bodies

Debate and policy-making on HIV/AIDS tend to take place between established groups and individuals -from governmental bodies to healthcare workers to NGOs. And as expansive as these discussions may be, there is often a deep silence at the heart of them – the voices, experiences and desires of those who live with the virus. Comprised of life size body maps, colourful paint palettes, and a series of unique stories, TICAH’s Our Positive Bodies is a creative initiative that allows positive women from India, Kenya and Thailand to share their journeys. As they paint their dreams, their fears, and their (born and unborn) children, their body maps bear testimony to previously unheard voices, and to the struggle and strength of these individual women’s lives.

Visual Voices

From bustling Mumbai to rural Tamil Nadu; from Manipuri to Telegu; from gender identity to disclosure to bar dancers, Visual Voices brings together 85 films spanning geographic regions, languages, and cultures across India.  Intended as an interactive training resource on gender, sexuality, and HIV/AIDS for Saksham’s 12,000 counsellors, Visual Voices is a testament to the potential and power of filmmaking –the films, documentaries, and public service advertisements challenge received wisdoms, and call on viewers to actively question their own attitudes and values.


With over 12,000 HIV/AIDS counsellors spread across 25 states, Saksham is changing the face of HIV counselling in India. Working with a clientele that spans intravenous drug users in Manipur to truckers in rural Maharashtra, Saksham’s counsellors navigate different experiences, languages, and cultures. Through a series of newsletters Voices brings together these diverse narratives, and traces the journeys of both counsellors and clients as they explore what it means to be affected by HIV/AIDS in India today.



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