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Edited by Priya Jhaveri and Bishakha Datta, Unzipped brings together first-person accounts by three women and two men as they speak out about their lives in prostitution and outside it. Providing a worm’s-eye view of one of the most controversial occupations in the world, Unzipped bears testimony to the diverse and often contradictory realities of sex work.



XX/XY documents the stories of 12 women and two men who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. These voices tell us how HIV affects women and men on a daily basis, impacting relationships, family dynamics, and their life choices. In doing so, XX/XY provides an emotional understanding of the issues that positive people face in their day-to-day lives.

9 Degrees of Justice

Edited by Bishakha Datta, 9 Degrees of Justice is a collection of writings by second and third-generation feminists. Has using the law led to justice for women who face violence? What does justice mean for an individual survivor? How can we address violence in public spaces and cyberspace without demonizing either? How do women in armed conflict move from being victims to actors? How can we start to speak about lesbian suicides and violence among women loving women? How do we ensure that women have a right to choose when love is seen as a crime? Is prostitution a form of violence against women? What is the violence of stigma? And who is a woman deserving representation from the women’s movement?



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