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26 August, 2002
Faceless Survivors
Faceless Survivors Bishakha Datta, who directed "In the Flesh", says, "This is not a film on prostitution but on three different persons involved in it and their points of view." Precisely for that reason, the film was a brilliant effort. By portraying and sharing a particular reality, it showed the ordinariness of a group of people, who in the minds of society, are extraordinary, or somehow alien, different. (The Hindu)

28 April, 2002
Gleaning lessons on life from the flesh trade
Gleaning lessons on life from the flesh trade 'They've suffered physically and psychologically in their struggle to negotiate some power for themselves in their ruthless and violent world. Yet, that has not crushed their spirit. They have a strong sense of self' says Ms. Jhaveri (Sunday Times of India)

24 April, 2002
In Flesh and Blood
In Flesh and Blood 'When you are just seen as a prostitute not a person, a citizen, you lose your voice and we wanted that voice to find a listener,' say Bishakha Datta and Priya Jhaveri of Point of View (Asian Age)

17 November, 2001
One woman, many faces
One woman, many faces All the roles convincingly portrayed, indeed, bringing to life the impact of the discriminatory laws on the daily lives of women and girls across the world (The Hindu)

07 November, 2001
Sarah Jones: Woman of many parts
Sarah Jones: Woman of many parts Says Jones, writer, actor, poet all rolled into one, 'While I was researching the play, I met a number of women from different backgrounds who all had compelling stories to tell (Bombay Times)

06 November, 2001
Candid cameras provide flashes of humour, self-recognition
Candid cameras provide flashes of humour, self-recognition The organisers are taking these gender issues forward by holding a series of talks, film shows, and other events during the exhibition (Times of India)

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